10 Things I’m bringing to Thailand

10 Things I’m bringing to Thailand

10 Things I’m bringing to Thailand

With less than a week to go before my Thailand trip begins…. it’s time to start thinking about what I am bringing. I’ve decided to go ‘backpack style’ so the less I bring, the better. Quite a challenge for me, but everytime I am challenged to travel light it’s going better. Especially my hitchhike adventure to Barcelona helped learning how to pack as little as possible.  I think if I just went to Thailand and brought these 10 items with me + money… I would survive.



1. Bikini’s and Flip Flops

Ok, just the first one in I’m already cheating by naming two things at once… but they kinda go hand in hand! Any destination that I travel to (ok almost any) needs to be bikini and flipflop friendly. If not, I’ll probably lose interest really quickly. The plan is to bring 2 bikini’s, one pretty and one slightly more practical (still pretty!!) for scuba diving. And one pair of flipflops. Fortunately I got spoiled recently by my friend Tita from Brazil who got me two pairs of new Haivaina’s flip flops. The last pair she bought me, lasted just over a year. That’s how much I walk on flip flops 😉  Oh yeah and if you´re wondering which pair I´m taking…. Pink :p

Flip flops

2. Rash Guard

Another great item to bring is a rash guard! It will be cheaper and better alternative for sun protection than oils and creams that aren´t just costly, they also actually really damage the corals. Especially when snorkeling this will be a great way to stay comfortable without the risk of getting burned on your upper body. Also whilst Scuba diving it will be nice in some cases to wear under de 3mm shorty’s that the dive shops distribute.

3. Dry bag

As I’m going to be quite a bit on the move it will be difficult to always have the rash guard and bikini’s dried up. So I’m bringing a dry bag for my ‘wet stuff’. I bought a great one last year whilst in Hawaii. Instead of putting your dry stuff in it you can just put all your wet stuff in it and keep the rest dry in your back. Whilst in Thailand I actually already know I’m getting a second dry bag as a promotional gift from booking my Similian Island liveaboard course with Similan Diving Tours.

4. Masker, Snorkel and Fins

Well well, what mermaid can go without this! I mean… nothing beats a tail but this really is the next best thing. And this year I succesfully managed to get my pink set complete! All items are from the brand Tusa and their colour is Hot Pink. My mask has prescription glasses in it, this way I can spot the cute sea horses in Koh Tao. I’m also planning to spot loads of Whale Sharks but I think I would even see those under water without the mask. The matching snorkel, that I got for my birthday <3, and fins finish off the look! My fins weigh probably the most of all the items I’m bringing but I really expect to use them so much that I think it’s worth it dragging them along….

Scuba set

5. Dive Computer and Transmitter

I’m also bringing my own Dive Computer and the transmitter. I’m hoping the dive shops that I’m diving with will allow me to install the transmitter onto the regulator. I’m so used to using my computer to get all the data, including air consumption…. so hopefully they’re cool with it 😉 Currently I’m diving with the Suunto Vyper Air and really appreciate it.

6. GoPro Hero5

To photograph all the fishies I’m bringing my GoPro. I’m really hoping to swim into a lot of extraordinary wildlife. Also the GoPro is just so easy to bring along. Recently upgraded to the GoPro Hero 5. Really enjoy having an actual screen now where I can see if I aim the camera at the right position.

7. Backpack

Bought a really awesome backpack for this trip, that matches my Scuba gear! It’s a Lowe Alpine 55L. Per advice of my brother I decided to not buy the biggest backpack there was in the store (like 75/80L). Reasoning… you’ll just keep packing crap that you don’t really need and then end up carrying it everywhere. So this way I’m somewhat forced to keep packing within reason. My fins just fit lol. But it has these special ‘thingies’ where you can attach walking sticks… I’m sure fins will be able to get attached just as nicely ;). The only thing I’m somewhat aware of with this is that in Thailand anything feet related, such as shoes, can be considered as an insult…. Only yesterday I was told a story about a girl having her shoes tied under her backpack and Thai people being really offended by it. The last thing I want is to insult the locals, so….. hopefully fins are okay? If you know… let me know 😛


8. Kindle

I’m actually planning to study a bit whilst in Thailand. Nothing too crazy or heavy but yeah…. so bringing the Kindle with study material and fun books to read. I’m expecting to hang a lot in hammocks the upcoming 6 weeks and good reading material is absolutely wished for. If you’ve any book recommendations… shout now or hold your peace for ever.

9. Adapters

Going to bring an extension cord, two adapters and all the charge stuff. Sadly the new Go Pro uses USB C meaning I can’t use the same cord to charge it as with the Kindle and my OnePlus phone. I’m still in debate if I am also bringing my Nexus tablet so I can easier blog / maybe even do some photo editing… but I don’t really want to bring any unnecessary tech equipment.

10. Passport

Last but not least! My passport to enter the country. Fitted with a nice tourist visa granting me 60 days in Thailand. Well, sadly I don’t have that many days to spend in Thailand but it will be at least 42 days….


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