Great Liveaboard deals to the Maldives with Emperor!

An absolute bucketlist destionation for any scuba diver is ofcourse the Maldives! Right now Emperor is having a bit of a sale on a few of their boats in the Maldives – so if you were looking to book your next scuba diving holiday to the Maldives… Look no further! The Pelagic life in the Maldives …. Eagle Ray Grey Reef Shark Sea Turtle Eagle Rays Nurse Shark Manta Ray How to get to the Maldives Most Emperor liveaboards depart from the capital Male. This makes travelling very easy as…

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Safaga – Egypt’s best kept scuba secret

Hammerheads Egypt

Where can you see Manta Rays, Whalesharks, Hammerheads and Dolphins? In Safaga, Egypt! Safaga is a small little beach town, about an hour from the International airport of Hurghada. There are some resorts and hotels but it’s a nice combination of local Egyptians and tourists in one spot. Without the noises and shopping malls of Hurghada. Without getting harassed on the street to get you to buy something. No, it’s all very easy going and oh yeah, the diving… it’s breathtaking! Last year I was lucky enough to do 2…

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The invisible Leafy Seadragon’s of South Australia

Last month me and my boyfriend went on a road trip through Australia. One of the places we decided to stop was Adelaide. The reason? Leafy Sea Dragons. What are Leafy Seadragons? Leafy Seadragons are beautiful mystical creatures that really exist. They can grow as big as 43cm but usually when they’re spotted they’re around 30cm. They live in and near seaweeds and seagrass beds often at edges of the reef or near jetties. They blend in really well with their surroundings and that’s a good thing because they’ve nothing…

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