VLOG: Scuba Diving in Protea Banks – South Africa

Some of the most epic shark diving I’ve ever done was in South Africa. In Proteabanks to be exact with African Dive Adventures. Here you can dive with: Hammerhead sharks, Bulls sharks, Tiger sharks and Ragged Tooth Sharks! Infact, there are even two different species of hammerheads (Great hammerheads and scalloped hammerheads). Wow. It’s quite depending on the season which […]

Scuba Diving Azores

Blue Sharks, Manta’s, Whale Sharks…. The Azores! A group of 9 islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Quite possibly the best scuba diving Europe has to offer! Islands with a rich history, for many men it was the last stop on a voyage to the United States from mainland Europe. Little harbor towns, now catering to the curious […]