Barcelona Express – day 6

Today was the last day of our hitchiking trip. We only had to do an odd 100km from again the middle of nowhere (15km above Girona) to just under Barcelona.

The place where we camped was absolutely trashed this morning. There had been a huge party during the night, until like 4AM. The result of it was trash, cups and bottles. Before I went to sleep, before midnight, I had plugged in my powerbank to charge… Well guess what was missing this morning. I’m half hoping it will show up in Barcelona, but I think its too wishful thinking. Bad times.

This morning we were served the best breakfast so far. Eggs and Bacon with French banquette. Result!! After the breakfast we loaded our bags in a small truck that would drop them off again 4km further close to a village (read; still in the middle of no where).


At 10:00 we started our hike to the starting point. It was hilarious in a way… Marching through the quiet Spanish country side with approximately 350 people…


But it didn’t make the hitchhiking any easier.. Its quite intimidating for a driver to react to someone asking for a ride when 20+ other groups are standing around also asking for the ride.


We decided to try and get out of the crowd and try our luck more towards the highway on our own. Obviously more teams had the same idea but fortunately it wasn’t too crowded.

Ride 1: Cornella del Terri – Highway C150

Our first ride went really funny. Another team had found themselves a ride and offered us 2 seats. That was obviously super kind of them. We’re at a point in the competition where it doesn’t matter anymore if you’re not in the general top 10 ranking. Might as well help each other out right?


The driver, David, dropped us off at a place just before the Highway C150.

Ride 2: Highway C150 – Sant Celoni

The place where we were dropped of was for our standards less than ideal. We had decided to stay away from catching rides next to the high way roads and now we found ourselves exactly in the position.

There was a ramp at the place we were dropped off and it had a sign saying walking there was absolutely not allowed. So we decided to walk back a bit trying to catch a ride at a bit safer place.

After like 20 minutes a police car showed up, checking if we were OK. That scared us! But then it drove to a few other teams that were more ahead and they got out of the car and told them they were not allowed to hitchhike there. They sent those teams to our quiet spot…. And figures one of the teams got a ride before us!

After like being there for 1 hour we got a rife from Frank. A truck driver that didn’t want to talk a lot but was going to Sant Celoni. A small village between Girona and Barcelona. Ehhh.. Anything was better than being stuck on the road.


Turned out Frank his plan was to drop us at the train station so we could take a train to Barcelona, haha. Fortunately we figured that out in time and got him to drop us at a gas station in stead. There was no way we were going to use public transport so close to the finish!

Ride 3: Sant Celoni – BARCELONA

After Frank had dropped us off we decided to go for lunch at the Burger King as we weren’t really in a hurry… And then return to the gas station to catch the next, and hopefully last, ride to Barcelona.

After little more than an hour a car stopped with two guys who had been hiking in the mountains. Their destination… Barcelona!!!

Whilst driving we showed them were the camping was and they agreed to drop us off at the camping. What a great relief. We were going to make it with ease!

Just before 5PM we pulled in to the entrance of the camping. By coincidence I had already visited the camping so I was able to navigate the guys with ease to the camping… Which actually can be quite a challenge!


We quickly set up our tent and went for a nice long swim in the ocean. Our camping is right on the beach and also has a pool! Result.


We had reached Barcelona!!! We hitchhiked over 1700KM. Monday we started in Amsterdam and 6 days later we made it to Barcelona.

Tomorrow I’ll write one final blog, recapping the competition as a whole. But for now… Time for an ice cold beer!!!


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