Boat diving the always surprising East Coast of Bonaire

Boat diving the always surprising East Coast of Bonaire

The East Coast of Bonaire. It’s the most intriguing yet intimidating dive location on Bonaire. Intrigiuing because of the rays, sharks, turtles and rare fish you can find. Initimidating because of the possible high waves, strong current and the unknown. Me? I love the East Coast. Any chance I can get to dive it, I’m there.

Boat diving the East Coast of Bonaire

One of the best ways to dive the East Coast is by boat. You can book a 2-tank boat dive almost daily with Bonaire East Coast Diving. They operate from Sorobon. The three most common dive sites they cater too are: Funchi’s (X16), White Hole (62) and Turtle City (X19). 

Two huge benefits of boat diving the east coast: No high waves to deal with or a current to battle against. If there is a current, you just enjoy a guided drift dive. The boat will pick you up. 

Dive site 1: Funchi

In december 2020 I did a 2-tank Boat Dive with Bonaire East Coast Diving. The first dive site we went to, in the morning, was Funchi. This dive site is especially very popular in the morning when Eagle Rays AND sometimes NURSE SHARKS leave the sheltered bay where they spend the night. 

We weren’t lucky enough for Nurse Sharks but we were treated with loads of Eagle Rays cruising by. Absolutely fantastic. It’s very important that you keep looking out in the blue to spot them cruising by. 

Dive site 2: Turtle City

As the name Turtle City suggests… turtles! And not just a few. No! Up to 50 turtles get spotted in one dive. Usually this is the second dive of the day. Around noon, when the green sea turtles have enjoyed a morning of endulging themselves and are now holding a nice siesta. They can be relaxing as shallow as 5 meters deep and are usually very easily spotted. Approach them calmly and from the side (so the turtle always has the feeling he can leg it). If you do, they often just stay put enjoying their siestsa. Check out the video for wayyyyy more turtle footage!

My Scuba Diving Video of Bonaire East Coast

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