Dive Site a 1000 Steps in Bonaire – Scuba Diving

Dive Site a 1000 Steps in Bonaire – Scuba Diving

Disclaimer: Currently I’m living in Bonaire – living and diving my best life! Every few days I’ll be reporting on a specific dive site that I’ve been diving. Make sure you visit Bonaire.Digital – Bonaire’s Digital Dive Guide as well if you’re looking for information on shore and boatdiving in Bonaire.

Scuba Diving a 1000 Steps in Bonaire

In the North West of Bonaire lies the beautiful dive site a 1000 Steps. The site is very well known because of it’s stone staircase taking you down from the parking spots to a beautiful secluded beach. Don’t let the name scare you too much though, the stairs are actually in fact only 73 steps – but to some people it feels like a 1000 steps when climbing back up again. 

For a full Dive Site report I like to invite you to visit 1000 Steps – Bonaire Digital

Snorkeling, Chilling and Scuba Diving

1000 Steps is more than just a dive site. With it’s beautiful secluded beach it’s a very popular spot for people to come and relax. It’s a great spot for snorkeling and sun tanning. The beach is made out of stones (so no sand) but people seem quite comfortable. Entry into the water is super easy and quite often sea turtles come up for air in the shallows. 

Underwater life at a 1000 Steps

I find that most of the fish and general life underwater is happening between 10-15m/ 32-50ft at a 1000 steps. Going much deeper only results in less fish and I personally have not found anything different there. This makes 1000 Steps perfect for beginning divers that are restricted to the 18m/60ft depth. Also the light is obviously a lot brighter the shallower you are – giving more colours to the reef

A big school of fish in the shallows

Enjoy my vlog!

I’ve made a short video about Scuba Diving a 1000 Steps. You should watch it to get a good impression of what to expect at this dive site. Don’t forget to subscribe 🙏

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