Eagle Ray Magic at Red Slave in Bonaire

Eagle Ray Magic at Red Slave in Bonaire

Disclaimer: Currently I’m living in Bonaire – living and diving my best life! Every few days I’ll be reporting on a specific dive site that I’ve been diving. Make sure you visit Bonaire.Digital – Bonaire’s Digital Dive Guide as well if you’re looking for information on shore and boatdiving in Bonaire.

Red Slave's history

All the way down in the South, just before West becomes East…. there’s the dive site (and historical site) Red Slave. The name comes from the little Red (now more yellow) “huts” at the site. Once the living quarters for slaves in the 17th Century. Upto six people slept in one little house. A house where you couldn’t even stand up. 

Eagle Ray at Red Slave - Bonaire

The dive site Red Slave is my favorite dive site on the island. The main reason? The Eagle Ray! I’m absolutely in awe of these magnificent creatures and at Red Slave there’s nearly always an Eagle Ray scavenging for food in the wide sand bank right in from of the site. The sand bank stretches out quite a bit so it’s not always guarenteed you see him… but big chance he’s around! 

For a full Dive Site report I like to invite you to visit Red Slave – Bonaire Digital

Scuba Diving at Red Slave

The entry at Red Slave is relatively easy, though people with a big camera might struggle sometimes for balance. The main key to diving Red Slave is not going in when the waves are high. If that’s the case, either wait a little bit… sometimes 10 minutes is all it takes or come back the next day and big chance they’re not too bad. This tactic goes for everywhere on the island to be honest. Red Slave is relatively easy I’d say. Exit is the same as where you went in. Check out the video below for some visualisation!

One of the entries at Red Slave

Underwater life at Red Slave

Soap Fish

Besides Eagle Rays there’s a whole lot more going on at Red Slave! Big schools of fish, sometimes even baitballs in the blue. Loads of turtles! I see one every dive, sometimes 3 to 5 (for real). Loads of flounders in the sand. Sea horses as shallow as 6m. Barracuda’s cruising by. Often a big school of baby barracuda’s…. So so much going on. Check out my YouTube video below and see it all yourself!

Enjoy my vlog!

I’ve made a short video about Scuba Diving at Red Slave. You should watch it to get a good impression of what to expect at this dive site. Don’t forget to subscribe 🙏

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