An absolute bucketlist destionation for any scuba diver is ofcourse the Maldives! Right now Emperor is having a bit of a sale on a few of their boats in the Maldives – so if you were looking to book your next scuba diving holiday to the Maldives… Look no further! 

The Pelagic life in the Maldives ....

How to get to the Maldives

Most Emperor liveaboards depart from the capital Male. This makes travelling very easy as that’s the best place to fly into. In some case you’ll need a water taxi or water plane to move around. But when it says Male you go straight from the capital. Flights both from Europe as well as the United States or Australia are in general quite friendly priced. Below you find 4 boats that all leave from Male. Have a look which one works the best for you! 

From USD$150,- / EUR€137,- a day 
Free Nitrox! Approx. 17 Dives

Emperor Atoll

Enjoy the Sharkastic route on this beautiful boat! The trip starts with Channel dives at the easter coast of the Maldives. There you’ll find quite some Grey Reef Sharks, Dog tooth Tuna, and Eagly rays. The visibility will be amazing. Expect upto 40m. After spending some time with the Reef Sharks and other Pelagic surprises, the boat continues to South Ari Atoll. Here you’ll be looking for Manta Rays and Whalesharks whilst scuba diving!
From USD$191,- / EUR€174,- a day 
Free Nitrox! Approx. 17 Dives

Emperor Virgo

HAMMERHEADS! If you want to see Hammerheads, this might be the liveaboard for you! This boat visits the Thaal Atoll, where hammerheads and Whalesharks are often spotted. Go for their South Central 7 Atolls intinerary. The one with departure on the 2nd of Feb is on sale right now! It will be a very quiet trip as they tend to visit uninhabited islands and liveaboard competition around there is low. 

From USD$210,- / EUR€191,- a day
Free Nitrox! Approx. 17 Dives

Emperor Explorer

In May ‘The Best of Maldives’ route is on sale! During this route you’ll have a chance of meeting Mantas, whalesharks and other sharks. There’s no real set itinerary as the plan is to go where the chances of good diving are the best. One of the best dive sites during this trip will most likely be Maaya Thila where you can find plenty of sharks and fish. Whilst the boat is driving they’ll do their utter best finding you those epic whalesharks as well! 
From USD$162,-/EUR€148,- a day
Free Nitrox! Approx. 17 Dives

 Emperor Serenity

Fantastic prices in May and August at the moment guys! This beautiful ship will take you on the ‘Best of Maldives’ route where you’ll be treated with manta rays, sharks and whale sharks. You’ll be diving a lot of pinnacles and cleaning stations. Places where the bigger pelagic life likes to hang out. A big recommendation is doing the night dives at sheltered moorings. Are you ready for the Maldives?!

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