Baking your own delicious Scuba Sand Tarts

As we’re all safe at home, wating for the Corona storm to pass, I’m using my time to do things I normally never get to do. One of these things is baking! When you travel as much as I do you really do not get the chance to do these “normal” things. But as all the scuba trips have been postponed for a while now I’ve decided to dedicate that time to things I never have time for…. I invite you to come and join me into baking some delicious cookies! 


75 grams of regular sugar
1 package (or 1 tbsp) of vanilla extract / sugar
250 grams of flour
175 grams of butter
Pinch of salt

Ocean Cookie Cutters! 
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Step 1


Put the vanilla, sugar, butter and salt in a bowl and knead it all together till it’s one big mass. 

Step 2


Sift the flour bit by bit and mix it all together. Take your time. 

Step 3


Knead it all together into a nice somewhat round ball. Then wrap the ball in plastic foil and put it in the fridge for at least 1 hour. 

Step 4


After 1 hour of fridge time, take out the dough and cut it in half. 
-> Preheat the oven on 200C 

Step 5


Put some flour on the surface you’re going to work on and use a cookie dough roller to spread the dough. 

Step 6


Cut out the cookies! Be careful with tin bits such as the manta ray tail.

Step 7


Put all the cookies on a cookie tray, ideally on a cookie sheet. 

Step 8


Once the oven is hot, put the cookies in. They should bake for approximately 10 mins. Keep an eye on them – they burn quick….

Step 9

Scuba Cookies

Enjoy your cookies!!! <3 

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