Visiting Las Vegas in the heat of summer

In the absolute heat of summer I ended up in Las Vegas! This was not my first visit, but it was definitely hotter than last time. Temperatures easily reached 40-45C (104-113F) and even at night it wouldn’t cool down at al. But man, what an amazing city is Vegas, even when it’s this hot. My trip was focused on casino’s, relaxing, concerts and good food. My hotel, Delano, was located on the very end of the strip. Basically, if you’ve never been to the strip, it’s a long road through…

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Big island of Hawaii…. you have stolen my heart

I love Hawaii

Whilst sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight to Los Angeles, I’m looking back on the magical month I got to spent on the Big Island of Hawaii. The islands of Hawaii have always been a dream of mine to visit, so when I was finally able to go to one, it was time to pick out the right one for me. Well, I picked right. The Big Island is amazing and not just for one thing in particular but especially for the diversity the island offers. The State…

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