VLOG: Scuba Diving in Protea Banks – South Africa

Some of the most epic shark diving I’ve ever done was in South Africa. In Proteabanks to be exact with African Dive Adventures. Here you can dive with: Hammerhead sharks, Bulls sharks, Tiger sharks and Ragged Tooth Sharks! Infact, there are even two different species of hammerheads (Great hammerheads and scalloped hammerheads). Wow. It’s quite depending on the season which […]

VLOG: Scuba diving in Vilanculous – Mozambique

Wow! Only had time for 2 days of Scuba Diving in Vilanculous Mozambique and it was great. Check out all the awesome stuff that I saw. One of the dive sites we went to was Two Mile Reef.¬†Two Mile Reef is an excellent dive site for all levels of divers. A barrier reef protecting a narrow channel between the sand […]

VLOG: Scuba Diving in Tofo – Mozambique

Had the pleasure of diving 5 days with Liquid Divers in Tofo, Mozambique. Tofo is famous for encounters with: whale sharks, manta rays, guitar sharks, sea horses, loggerhead turtles and big schools of jacks! Are you enthusiastic after watching this vlog and would like to make this trip yourself? (I wouldn’t blame you!!).I can help you with flights, accommodation & […]