Get your Tourist Visa for Thailand in Amsterdam

Get your Tourist Visa for Thailand in Amsterdam

Just a brief note for my fellow Dutchies: get your Tourist Visa for Thailand in Amsterdam!

The last few weeks I’ve been trying to find a suitable visa service to order a visa for Thailand. Andddd it’s been hell!

First of all the prices the service desks charge are outrageous. Besides their regular fee, which is more than fair for their efforts, they charge crazy extra’s like “fee for difficult embassy”, ” fee for registering presence in country” etc.

A lot of people opt for these agencies as they’re supposed to make your life easier but so far every agency I looked into had something wrong with it. I know this as a while ago I used to be responsible for assisting people with their visa’s for Ghana.

The best advice I can give anyone in to regards of their visa is that if they can manage ONE visit to the Consulate in Amsterdam, it’s a visit well spend.

I had visa services ask me for a FULL backpack initiary (who has that?), I had visa services ask me for a copy of the last 3 weeks of bank statements (lol) and I had a visa service trying to charge me 40,- euro extra because the Thai embassy / consulate supposedly is so difficult.

Well, all of the above is just insulting. Today I went to the Thai consulate with nothing more than:

* an application form

* passport

* paper copy of passport

* 2 photos

* e-ticket

* 30 euro’s

And with what’s written above I managed to successfully apply for a 60 days tourist visa in less than 10 minutes. The lady at the consulate desk was helpful and friendly, everything went smooth.

And if you leave to Thailand later than 14 days after the application they even offer to ship you your visa for 10 euro’s extra…..

So do your self a favor and stop funding these ignorant visa services. Of course granted you can spare a few hours travelling to the consulate and hopping in for a whole 10 minutes. Time well spend if you ask me.

PS. Guess who’s going to Thailand in 2 weeks? Xo xo

Click here for the website of the Royal Thai Consulate in Amsterdam

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