One of the most magical Scuba Diving places I’ve ever visited is hands down the Tufi Resort in Papua New Guinea. It’s only about an hour flight away from the capital, Port Moresby. PNG Air will fly you right to the doorstep of the resort (runway literally at the edge of resort) in about an hours time. With water temperatures of about 27-30C and great visibility (20m+) you’re in for a real treat at this resort. You can find loads of macro diving inside the “fjords” of Tufi and you definitely should do a night dive. I saw so many little critters on mine! If weather conditions allow the dive guides of Tufi will take you outside the fjords during the day where hammerheads can be spotted, if lucky, and even manta rays. There’s just so much going on at Tufi Resort, I had a hard time deciding which picture to pick for the puzzle. I went for this Blenny…. who can tell me which kind it is? Goodluck! I couldn’t finish this puzzle in less than 10 minutes… !

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