Visiting sunny Doncaster.

Doncaster Visit

This week I managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Doncaster. Yes, you heard that right Doncaster. Okay, it’s not a tropical island, but in fairness it wasn’t bad at all! The weather was great, the people were friendly, good food and really nice surroundings.

Online in-real-life Meetings

A long long time ago, I was actively playing an online game. Through this game I had the opportunity to get to know a lot of great people. I was 16 when I got involved with the online community and when I was 18 I met the first player in real life (Trevor from Dublin). I had previously got to know him through the game. Now, 10 years later, I’ve travelled around the globe connecting with a lot of people. Whilst I’m sitting here, in the airport lounge waiting for my return flight, I’m trying to think how many people I’ve met at least 42 people that I could come up with right on the spot. I met them in the UK, the USA, The Netherlands and went on holidays to Jamaica and Spain. And last summer I did a Europe roadtrip with a friend, Stuart, that I met online. We drove from Spain, to France, to Monaco, to Italy, to Switzerland, to Germany to Holland. Wow! Thinking back about the last 10 years, being active within that online community really gave me chances to meet great people and discover new places.

The sunny Doncaster meetingBeach Skegness

My trip to Doncaster was a result from getting to know a girl from Brazil. I think the first time we spoke online is over 10 years ago. Especially the last 4 years we’ve gotten really good friends and I finally got a chance to meet her! She was visiting Doncaster because her boyfriend lives here. The last few years I’ve had taken several trip with her boyfriend Stuart, who is also a very good friend of mine, including the Europe roadtrip. We’re now working on a South-America roadtrip, the 3 of us, for 2017!

Even though I could only visit for less than 48 hours it was defo a good visit. On my first day of arrival we treated ourselves to some Big Tasty’s and went bowling! The bowling was good fun even though it clearly was rigged. I kept losing for no logical reason! Then the day after we went to Skegness, a beach town in the East of England. The drive there was a great opportunity to see some of the country sights. I really enjoyed the beach, just walking over it reminded me I really should spend more time in nature as I enjoy it so much. Trying to find treasure between the washed up sea shells, the sun on your face, I loved it.

Also food wise I feel I was quite spoiled. Tita, the girl from Brazil, had shipped over this amazing meat that she used to prepare a delicious dish, which I forgot the name of! And Stuart, her boyfriend was in charge of the English breakfast. Looks good that food, doesn’t it? 😀

Brazilian food!English Breakfast

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