Hi! My name is Rianne and I'm a very passionate scuba diver!

It all started in 2012 when I got my PADI Open Water certification in Jamaica. That was pretty much the moment I was hooked! From there on I continued all the way up to PADI Divemaster. Every dive I make is special and I am especially crazy about the bigger stuff. For sure my favorite ocean animal is a hammerhead shark. I took this picture of two young hammerheads at Little Brother in Egypt. So far my most precious ocean memory. 

Scuba Marketing for travel agencies and diveshops

Today I have one of the best jobs in the world. I work as a freelance scuba marketeer/blogger/vlogger for scuba travel agencies, dive shops etc. I’ve had articles publised on PADI’s website, given workshops at dive fairs about video editting and vlogging and help dive centers with scuba marketing strategies. These projects take me all over the world and make it possible for me to run this website. Please do get in touch if you like to work together. 

A few things I could help you with:

  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Newsletters
  • Website (content and design)
  • Promotion video’s
  • Google optimization 
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Some of the companies I've worked with:

EWDR's Ambassador (Scuba Travel Agency)

EWDR is with over 30 years in the business one of the biggest and most popular scuba travel agencies in The Netherlands. Scuba divers from both Holland as well as from Belgium book their holidays each year with EWDR. I’m EWDR’s ambassador, representing the company all over the world. 

I’m also their content director and responsible for every new product (destination/trip) that goes on their website. When I’m in The Netherlands I attend the EWDR events – as well as the Dutch Duikvaker (Dive Show) and give presentations about dive destinations. 

Last year we had a huge focus on Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. And the year before that Indonesia, Mozambique and South-Africa. We’re very keen to work together with tourism boards. 

PADI Regional Scuba Webcast 2020

Together with PADI’s regional manager Margriet Schuur we gave an online presentation (webinar) for all PADI members in The Netherlands about Scuba Diving locally. With corona challenging our scuba travels PADI and I decided to colab and focus on the scuba diving that was possible and showcase some of the most interesting divesites in The Netherlands.  

Check out my videos about Scuba Diving in The Netherlands! 

PADI Regional Diving Webcast 2020 The Netherlands

Famil trips with tourism boards of Solomons and Papua New Guinea:

Presenting at Duikvaker - The Dutch Scuba Dive show: