I dive, I create, I promote

As a freelance writer, most of my days are spent researching and writing about the exciting world of scuba diving. I have a diverse group of clients that I work with regularly, including EWDR, Scuba.com, Anchor Dive Lights, and even PADI on occasion. I’ve also written for DiveLog Australia and other publications in the industry.

My articles cover a variety of topics related to scuba diving, from gear reviews to destination guides and everything in between. I make sure to optimize each piece for SEO so that it reaches as wide of an audience as possible. My goal is to inform and inspire my readers, whether they are experienced divers or just getting started.

In addition to writing, I also have a YouTube channel where I post videos about scuba travel. I love to share my experiences diving in different parts of the world, from the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to the colorful reefs of Indonesia. I also create videos on tips and tricks for scuba diving, such as how to choose the right gear or how to safely navigate a dive site. I’m also the founder of Bonaire.Digital, a website focused on shore diving in Bonaire.

Being a scuba diving writer is not just a job for me, it’s a passion. I’m always excited to share my love for the underwater world with others and help them discover the joys of scuba diving. I have met many great people in the scuba diving industry and have had the opportunity to dive in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Overall, my days are spent writing, researching and sharing my passion for scuba diving. And I couldn’t be happier with my career choice. It’s a job that allows me to combine my love for writing and diving, and share it with others.

Winner of 2022: Reels - Dutch Underwater Championship

In 2022, I won the first and second prize in the “Reels” category of the Dutch Underwater Photography championships.

As an avid diver and underwater photographer, I have a passion for capturing the beauty and diversity of marine life through the medium of short videos, also known as reels. I believe that these short videos have the power to inspire and educate divers about the many different species of marine life that inhabit our oceans, as well as the stunning beauty that can be found beneath the surface.

At EWDR we have seen firsthand how much these short videos are appreciated by the diving community. They provide a unique and engaging way to share information about marine life and conservation, as well as the joys of diving.

I am looking forward to continuing to create short videos that inspire and educate divers about the wonders of the underwater world. With the use of advanced technology, I will strive to make more and more beautiful reels to show the diversity and beauty of marine life and the importance of conservation.

My main client: EWDR - Dutch Scuba Travel Agency

Photo: Roel v.d. Mast

EWDR is a famous Dutch Scuba Travel Agency that has been around almost as long as I exist. With over 30 years of experience they’re specialized in the most beautiful dive destinations in the world. 

At EWDR I spend the majority of my time working to promote and manage the company’s various diving and travel offerings. My role is multifaceted, and includes responsibilities such as maintaining the company’s website and writing all of the content that is featured on the site.

One of the main responsibilities of my role is to ensure that the EWDR website is up-to-date, user-friendly, and visually appealing. 

Another important aspect of my role is to create compelling and engaging content that will attract and retain customers. This includes writing blog posts, newsletters, and other written materials that highlight the unique features and benefits of our trips, as well as information about marine life and diving in general. 

The best perk of my job is that I get to visit our clients and experience the trips myself. This not only helps me to better promote the trip in the future, but it also allows me to capture my own footage and photographs of the trip to use in future marketing materials. This is an amazing opportunity for me to see firsthand the beauty and wonder of the underwater world, and to share it with others through my work at EWDR.

Let's create together.

A few things I could help you with:

‣ Social Media, specialized in engagement, reels and story telling.
‣ SEO-optimized Articles, Advertorials, Guides, Blogs and News items.
‣ Vlogs/video’s for liveaboards, dive resorts and dive destinations.
‣ Visit your resort/liveaboard in collaboration with EWDR and set up an entire campaign focussed on the Dutch & Belgian Market. 

Please do get in touch if you like to work together. 

Some of the companies I've worked with:

DiveLog Australiasia - Bonaire Article

Dutch article in VRIENDIN, about me and my work:

PADI Regional Scuba Webcast 2020

Together with PADI’s regional manager Margriet Schuur we gave an online presentation (webinar) for all PADI members in The Netherlands about Scuba Diving locally. With corona challenging our scuba travels PADI and I decided to colab and focus on the scuba diving that was possible and showcase some of the most interesting divesites in The Netherlands.  

Check out my videos about Scuba Diving in The Netherlands! 

PADI Regional Diving Webcast 2020 The Netherlands

Famil trips with tourism boards of Solomons and Papua New Guinea:

Presenting at Duikvaker - The Dutch Scuba Dive show: