The Spinner Dolphins of Papua New Guinea

One of the main attractions in Rabaul-Kokopo are the Spinner dolphins. Every morning approximately 200 to 300 show up. Ready to play at the bow of the boat! With the dive Rabaul-Kokopo Dive I went there one morning and shot this little video 

Spinner Dolphins are quite small dolphins that live off-shore in tropical waters. They’re known for jumping out of the water and “spinning”. Sometimes they’re also called Long-Snouted dolphins. They’re on avarage 130cm upto 230cm and weight anywhere between 23kg and 79kg. Spinner dolphins life in many places, also off shore. For example in Hawaii and Brazil they spend their day time in the shallows resting whilst being close to deeper water. It looks like that, that is exactly what is happening here in Rabaul-Kokopo as well. As you can see they’re quite close to the shore – shallow is. But just a few hundred meters away from the shore the waters get very deep!

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