Red Sea on Strike – No scuba diving this weekend!

Suddenly on Friday night (last night at the time of writing this), posts started to appear on Facebook from several dive centers in Egypt that they were going on strike this weekend. The reason? The Egyptian government announced new scuba diving and snorkeling taxes a day earlier. When these taxes are starting, you ask? Today! (28 Dec’ 19). Yikes!! The […]

11 Scuba Records from the Guiness Book of World Records

The Guiness World Records book holds many different records, including some scuba diving related! Dutch Mermaid took the time to go through the book and found 10 interesting records obtained by scuba divers! 1. Largest Underwater Human Pyramid; 62 people! On the 15th of October 2013 there were 62 divers in Koh Tao Thailand that created together the largest underwater […]

Scuba Dive Trip Report: Saba & St. Kitts

Liveaboard trip; from Sint Maarten to St. Kitts (stopping at Saba) Just a little bit to the right of Puerto Rico you’ll find the British and US Virgin Islands. A little bit more to the right from the Virgin Island lie the beautiful islands Sint Maarten, Saba and St. Kitts & Nevis. Three very different islands that are located very […]