Scuba Diving in Buzios, Brazil

A few weeks ago I went diving with Buzios Divers in Buzios, Brazil. We made two amazing dives where we saw a bunch of turtles and beautiful soft corals. In the video you’ll get an impression of what’s it like to dive in Brazil. I’m surprised this dive spot is still a bit of a hidden gem as it’s truely great diving. I haven’t done any other diving in Brazil so I can’t compare within the country, but I’ve done a lot of diving all over the world and this…

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Dive Against Debris Dive

Last week I successfully “fished” up around 19kg of fish nets, as well as another 1kg of random trash like electric wire, pcv pipe, bags and fish hooks. The dive I did this on was a “Dive against debris dive“. My dive buddy, Johnny, was doing the corresponding specialty; PADI Dive Against Debris. I’m an enormous fan of clean up dives. I did two in the past, one in Bonaire and one in Costa-Rica. Besides those dives, I usually dive with at least one knife and always take with me…

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Liveaboard trip: Similan & Surin

Last week I was fortunate enough to enjoy my second ever liveaboard trip. Exactly a year ago I was cruising the Red Sea and this year I booked a 5 day / 5 night trip to the Similan and Surin Islands, located in the Andaman Sea in Thailand. They’re roughly 60 km from the coast of Khao Lak, which is where I boarded my liveaboard. The liveaboard – Manta Queen 7 Okay so first of all, I got super lucky….. again…. managed to score myself a private cabin! There was literally…

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PADI Self Reliant Diver Course

Ever since I certified as a PADI Divemaster I’ve been developing an interest in solo diving. When I say this out loud, quite a few divers immediately will remind me that you’re always supposed to dive with this buddy. Whilst this was the popular opinion for a long time, views are changing on this matter. In fact, there’s a positive development towards educating divers how to dive responsible on their own. One of these ways to become more skilled and knowledge able about diving on your own is the PADI…

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Scuba Dive Log – Varadero Cuba

After buying a dive package in my hotel it was time to go diving in Cuba! If you want to read more about pricing and organizing please read my post: Booking Scuba Diving in Varadero Cuba Dive day 1 – PB-383 & Reef At 8:45 I was picked up at my hotel by a lady wearing a Marlin Marina T-shirt. She collected my voucher, that I had gotten from the hotel tour operator desk and off we went to the marina! In the bus were several other divers that had…

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Booking Scuba Diving in Varadero Cuba

Cuba has always been a country high on my bucket list. Not necessary because of the Scuba diving but mostly because of the rich history of the country. The people who have visited Cuba in general can be split in two groups of people, the haters and the lovers. When it comes to Scuba diving in Varadero, I think you’re dealing again with these two groups. At least after every immersion people either had a smile on their face or were highly disappointed. With all things in life I think…

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Big island of Hawaii…. you have stolen my heart

I love Hawaii

Whilst sitting at the airport, waiting for my flight to Los Angeles, I’m looking back on the magical month I got to spent on the Big Island of Hawaii. The islands of Hawaii have always been a dream of mine to visit, so when I was finally able to go to one, it was time to pick out the right one for me. Well, I picked right. The Big Island is amazing and not just for one thing in particular but especially for the diversity the island offers. The State…

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World Ocean Day & Cleaning up the beach

World Ocean Day

Today, the 8th of June, is World Ocean Day. A day where everywhere around the world people commit to cleaning up our oceans and beaches, a great initiative that is sadly very much needed. It always saddens me greatly when I see trash on the beaches or in the water during my dives. Whenever I can, I pick up the trash. Pollution is absolutely good for no one, first of all it literally kills our planet and oceans… and it makes our planet ugly. The good news is, more and more…

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My first 2 weeks of the Dive Master Internship in Costa-Rica

Dutch mermaid

Dear Dive Master Diary, it’s been a while since I last wrote a blog. The Dive Master internship has officially started and it’s been interesting and diverse. We kicked off with a full day in class, divemaster theory. There’s a fairly sized PADI Dive Master Manual that every trainee has to learn, with a lot of physics as well. So the first 10 days that I got in Playas del Coco were mostly spent studying this Dive Master manual. There’s an exam to follow up on this Dive Master Manual that…

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A mermaid struggling to clean a boat!

Rich Coast Diving's Tahonga

Well, this is a bit embarrassing, yesterday I had my first (and hopefully last) sea sickness experience. This is extra embarrassing because I grew up on a boat in Amsterdam and have spent my entire life around and on water. For those who noticed there’s a movie with this post, do not worry, there is no disgusting content on the video! 😉 The video is about boat cleaning, which directly gets me to the way I managed to get sea sick. By boat cleaning! Boat cleaning, part of the Divemaster…

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